Assessing Compliance with Turkey's Smoke-free Legislation


In February 2015, the Turkish Ministry of Health released a circular, proposing a ban on the use of tobacco and tobacco products within at least five meters of the entrance to public buildings. We, therefore, assessed the compliance level of outdoor areas of venues in this study. The study was conducted between December 2016 and January 2017 in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Researchers observed 44 hospitals and 75 narghile venues for a total of 543 indoor locations and 6673 people observed.

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Technical Report on Flavored Cigarettes at the Point-of-Sale in Latin America


Global cigarette volume sales are declining, but the sales of flavored cigarettes in Latin America are climbing.  Flavored cigarettes appeal directly to youth and non-smokers because they mask the harsh taste of tobacco smoke and ease initiation into smoking. This report describes a study that examined cigarette retailers within a radius of 100 -250 meters around schools in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, and their sale and promotion of flavored cigarettes.

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Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco Products At the Point of Sale in Two Russian Cities Fact Sheet


In 2014, the Russian Federation (Russia) implemented comprehensive tobacco control legislation which includes bans on advertising, promotion and retail display of tobacco products. E-cigarettes are not currently regulated in Russia, leaving the country potentially vulnerable to the unregulated availability and marketing of these products.

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TPackSS: Compliance with Health Warning Label Laws: 2015-2017 Collection


The tobacco industry increasingly uses the cigarette pack as a key marketing method. The Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS) project collected packs from 14 low- and middle-income countries to study compliance with health warning label (HWL) laws and the marketing appeals used in pack designs. These fact sheets show HWL compliance.

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Effective Cigarette Health Warning Labels in China


Picture-based health warning labels (HWLs) on cigarette packages are an essential component of a national strategy to reduce tobacco use.

Globally, over 100 countries have finalized requirements for pictorial HWLs printed on packages of cigarettes1,2. China currently uses text-only health warning labels.  With the largest number of cigarette users in the world, China has tremendous opportunity to improve public health with the adoption of effective HWLs.

This study was conducted in 4 cities across China to test different HWL designs.