Concept Descriptors, Real Flavors

picture of pack with concept descriptor

Tobacco companies use flavors and "concept descriptors" to entice consumers with a product that is difficult to quit. Our fact sheet breaks down how “Menthol-Plus” cigarettes require tougher bans on flavored tobacco.

picture of pack with concept descriptor

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Our AI-driven news aggregator Tobacco Watcher finds, analyzes, and delivers the world’s tobacco-related news to help tobacco control advocates, investigators, and students find tobacco-related content they care about faster and more efficiently. Visit now to search, create alerts and more.

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Free Course for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals Online Course

Our online course Learning from the Experts: A Course for Healthcare Professionals has been updated. This free resource offers condensed information on tobacco control catered to healthcare professionals.

With five themed modules, the course can assist healthcare professionals with recognizing how tobacco products are used, identifying ways to treat nicotine addiction, and acting as advocates for tobacco control.

Healthcare Professionals Online Course

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Visit our YouTube channel to see updates from our faculty and staff as well as lectures from tobacco control experts across the globe as part of our Innovations in Tobacco Control series. Subscribe to be notified when we add a new video.

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Featured Research

Bangladesh smokeless packaging
Bangladeshi’s Perceptions of a Standardized Shape & Size for Smokeless Tobacco

A new study in Bangladesh uncovered important issues for standardizing the size, shape, and material used in smokeless tobacco packages.

Stylized photo of e-cigarette display
Tobacco Points-of-Sale around Schools in Ten Cities in China

This study explored the nature and extent of tobacco advertising and promotions at POS near 904 junior, senior and vocational high schools in rural and urban areas of 10 cities across China.

Bidi packaging with faces on them
Headshots on Bidi and Smokeless Tobacco Packs in India and Bangladesh: A Curious Branding Element

Katherine Clegg Smith, PhD, recently published a paper in Tobacco Control about the presence of headshots on many bidi and smokeless tobacco packs collected in Bangladesh and India. She outlines the findings and recommendations in this video.

Examples of feminine packs
Feminine Cigarette Brand Marketing in Ukraine

Since 2013, the Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS) has collected unique cigarette packs in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) with the highest burden of tobacco use. Compared to 13 other LMICs (including Russia, Brazil, China, Turkey) Ukraine had the highest frequency of feminine marketing on unique packs.

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Tobacco Watcher is an automated media monitoring and intelligence site that scans news 24/7 for you and provides a tool to search current articles instantly pertaining to your interests.


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Online Courses

Changing the Game with Open Access to Expert Content

Learning from the Experts is a free online course breaking down the fundamentals of tobacco control, including its history, surveillance, and impacts. This course will help individuals build, monitor, and assess interventions on any scale using case studies and examples from around the world.

Controle global do tabaco: Aprenda com os especialistas

Com seis módulos temáticos, o curso permite que qualquer pessoa, desde profissionais de saúde pública até estudantes, aumentem sua compreensão dos tópicos de controle do tabaco, incluindo aprender como prevenir danos à medida que os produtos do tabaco mudam e evoluem.

Fundamentos do controle do tabaco
Tabaco ou saúde
A indústria do tabaco
Intervenções para controle do tabaco: parte I
intervenções para controle do tabaco: parte II
vigilância e avaliação
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A Course for Healthcare Professionals

With three-themed modules, the course allows anyone from public health professionals to students to increase their understanding of tobacco control topics, including learning how to prevent harm as tobacco products change and evolve.

How Can You Be Involved in Tobacco Control
Best Practices in International Tobacco Control
Helping People Quit Tobacco
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Tobacco and COVID-19

The Tobacco and COVID-19 course is the newest online offering from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control. This online course provides the current evidence on tobacco use and COVID-19. The course covers topics such as the impact of smoking on COVID-19, the effects of nicotine at a molecular level and the behavior of the tobacco industry during the pandemic.

Covid-19 and Tobacco Use
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Policy Scan

We keep up with rapid changes in laws regarding e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products around the world. The policy bank has been verified by public health professionals in their respective countries.

Illustration of e-cigarette and heated tobacco product

The Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS)

TPackSS, developed with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, contains a visual database of cigarette packs from 14 low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to monitor how tobacco companies are marketing their products and track their compliance with tobacco pack requirements including health warning labels.

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