Communication for Tobacco Control


This module provides an overview of how to use communication strategically in tobacco control interventions. It provides not only the theory behind strategic communication, but also examples from successful mass media campaigns that can serve as a model for future tobacco control interventions. 

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The Communication for Tobacco Control  module covers five topics:

Introduction to Strategic Communication
Gary Saffitz
This lecture defines the elements of strategic communication and provides a conceptual framework for communication interventions in tobacco control.

Introduction to the Strategic Communication Planning Process
Gary Saffitz
Focuses on the startegic communication planning process and how to apply it to tobacco control.

Developing a Mass Media Program
Greg Connolly, DMD
This presentation uses various tobacco education media campaigns to illustrate components that work and don’t work and how to adapt existing media campaigns to fit the needs of a particular country. In addition, it highlights do’s and don’ts of developing tobacco education media campaigns.

Evaluating Mass Media Anti-Smoking Campaigns
Marc Boulay, PhD
Provides an overview of the process for developing mass media anti-smoking campaign evaluations and presents some of the basic approaches for conducting campaign evaluations.

Communication for Tobacco Control: An Update
Sandra Mullin
This lecture presents growing evidence on the effectiveness of social marketing, identifies steps to create effective campaigns, and highlights, in a case-study format, social marketing examples from India, China, Russia, Australia, and Mexico.

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