Best Practices in Tobacco Control Programs


This module provides examples of successful tobacco control programs that can serve as a model for the development and implementation of similar programs around the world.

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This module covers four topics:

Developing a National Program: Brazil Case Study
Vera Luiza da Silva e Costa, MD, MBA, PhD
The presentation reviews components of the capacity building process to build national capacity for tobacco control. The presentation utilizes Brazil as a case study to highlight lessons learned.

Resource Development for Tobacco Control
José Castro
Provides an overview of resource development for tobacco control including: the types and forms of support, possible motivations for support, and effective strategies for soliciting support. As part of the presentation the speaker reviews the elements of writing a grant proposal.

Smoking, Health, and Social Care in Scotland
John Rafferty
This lecture discusses lessons learned from the implementation of the smoking ban in Scotland.

Best practices in Tobacco Control Programs: An Update
Stanton Glantz, PhD
This lecture covers new information on the best practices in tobacco control programs and the origins of these practices, as well as evidence on the cost effectiveness of these programs.

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