Special Populations


Tobacco control interventions are often designed to target specific groups, including vulnerable populations such as youth, women, and the poor. This module documents the specific tobacco-related health risks of these special populations and strategies to reduce tobacco use prevalence in these populations.

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The Special Populations  module covers five topics:

Tobacco and Youth
Matthew Myers, JD
Reviews what we know about youth tobacco use: what prompts it, how it differs around the world, and effective strategies to reduce youth tobacco use.

The Role of Nurses in Tobacco Control
Stella Bialous, RN, MScN, DrPh
Identifies opportunities for nursing involvement in tobacco control, and illustrates the need for increased education and action around tobacco-related issues within the nursing community.

Women and Tobacco
Natasha Jategaonkar, MSc
Examines tobacco use among women and how tobacco use affects women’s lives.  The presentation reviews the ways tobacco production and marketing influence the lives of women, tobacco users and non-tobacco users, and closes with recommendations for improvement.

Tobacco and Poverty
Stephen Tamplin, MSE
Explores various dimensions of the tobacco and poverty relationship including: tobacco and poverty associations, perceived benefits of tobacco to the poor, adverse impacts of tobacco on the poor and effective ways of breaking the tobacco-poverty relationship.

Special Populations: Update
Stephen Tamplin, MSE
Provides new knowledge in tobacco control as it relates to “special populations,” including the relationship between tobacco and poverty, youth, and women, and the role of nurses in tobacco control.

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