Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)


The WHO FCTC is a global public treaty aimed at reducing the burden of disease and death caused by tobacco consumption. This module will review and discuss key articles of the treaty, including price and tax, advertising bans and secondhand smoke protection, and provide an understanding of government obligations under these articles.

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The FCTC module contains five topics:

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Heather Wipfli, PhD, MA
This presentation introduces the key constructs of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, explains the rationale behind its development,  and traces the Framework’s history, accomplishments and future goals.

Implementing the FCTC in Developing Countries
Srinath K. Reddy, MD
This presentation identifies the challenges facing the developing world in implementing successful tobacco control initiatives and offers several recommendations on how the FCTC can improve and move forward in instituting more tobacco regulation throughout the developing world.

WHO FCTC: Text, Commitments, and Timelines
Gemma Vestal, JD, MPH, MBA, BSN
This lecture reviews Parties' general obligations under the FCTC and identifies key articles that are dues for implementation, commitments of the Parties, and the timelines they have to abide by.

The Role of Civil Society in the FCTC Process
Laurent Huber
This presentation provides an overview of the role of civil society from the beginning of the FCTC negotiation process all the way through the adoption, implementation, and monitoring of the treaty at the national level.

The FCTC: An Update
Douglas Bettcher, MD, PhD

This lecture presents an update on the latest developments in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and highlights the direction of the WHO in scaling up implementation of the FCTC.

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