Best Practices in Tobacco Control Policy


Tobacco control policy development is a core component of comprehensive approaches to prevent death and disease from tobacco use. This module highlights a broad range of best practices in tobacco control policy including advertising bans, smoke-free environments, tobacco taxation, and product regulation. The module utilizes examples from various countries to illustrate successful tobacco control policy approaches.

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This module covers six topics:

How to Prevent 100 Million Deaths from Tobacco
Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH
This lecture provides an overview of the current tobacco epidemic and introduces strategies for tobacco control, including taxation, establishment of smoke-free places, changing the image of tobacco, and cessation services to help smokers quit. Experiences in New York City are used to demonstrated the effectiveness of these measures. The same strategies can be used to reduce global smoking prevalence to less than 20% by 2020, which the speaker projects would lead to 150 million fewer tobacco-related deaths.

Tobacco Advertising Bans
Anna White
This presentation provides an overview of the techniques the tobacco industry uses to advertise and market their products and discusses the role advertising plays in spreading the tobacco pandemic. Advertising bans, such as the ones mandated by the FCTC, are shown to an effective measure to reducing smoking prevalence.

Secondhand Tobacco Smoke in Public Places
Ana Navas-Acien, MD, PhD, MPH
This presentation discusses the main direct and indirect benefits of smoke-free environments and how smoke-free environments play a role as a key strategy for tobacco control worldwide. It also describes relevant methods to track exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in public places and to evaluate smoke-free policies, and provides examples from diverse countries.

Tax and Health Promotion
Bungon Ritthiphakdee
This presentation is a practical “how-to” guide for advocating for tobacco tax increase using Thailand’s experience as an example.

Regulation of Tobacco Products
Mitch Zeller, JD
This presentation provides an overview of the current marketplace for tobacco products, discusses the need for regulation, and the basic building blocks for effective tobacco product regulation.

Best Practices in Tobacco Control Policy: An Update
Johanna Birckmayer, PhD, MPH
This lecture provides an update on best practices in key tobacco control policies, taking examples from different countries and regions across the globe.

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