Tobacco use results in massive economic losses to society, including tobacco-attributable deaths, health costs and opportunity losses. This module aims to review the key evidence on the economic effectiveness of specific tobacco control strategies, including taxes and other non-price measures. The module will provide a general overview of the impact of tax increases on employment, smuggling and tax revenues. The module will also review and dispel common myths surrounding the economics of tobacco control.

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The Economics module covers seven topics:

Introduction to Tobacco Control Economics
Hugh Waters, PhD
Provides an overview of economic principles and their application to tobacco control efforts.

Tobacco Taxation
Frank J. Chaloupka, PhD
Covers the main reasons for tobacco taxation, the various types of taxes, and the impact of tobacco taxes on tobacco product prices, tobacco tax revenues and tobacco consumption.

The Costs of Smoking
Hana Ross, PhD
Presents the various costs associated with smoking, including a calculation of the health care costs attributable to smoking and global evidence of smoking-related costs.

Economic Analysis of Tobacco Supply
Teh-wei Hu, PhD
Provides an overview of the effect of tobacco production, manufacturing and supply on the economy.

Illicit Trade in Tobacco
Ayda A. Yurekli, PhD

Addresses the complex issue of tobacco smuggling, covering various country experiences and strategies to prevent and control illicit tobacco trade

Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: Case Study
Vinayak M. Prasad, MD
Reviews the ways in which illicit trade impacts on public health and provides strategies for controlling illicit trade on the country, regional, and global level.

Best Practices in Tobacco Taxation: An Update
Frank J. Chaloupka, PhD
Presents an update on the need for tobacco taxation, highlights best practices in tobacco taxation, and addresses myths and facts on the economic impact of tobacco tax increases.

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