Tobacco Industry


This module presents an overview of tobacco industry tactics used to propel tobacco demand and addiction, undermine tobacco control efforts, and circumvent tobacco control polices. Specific marketing strategies, including environmental and point-of-purchase advertising, will be reviewed in-depth.

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The Tobacco Industry module covers four topics:

Tobacco Industry Tactics
Kelley Lee, DPhil, FFPH
Provides an overview of the tactics used by the tobacco industry to increase consumption of tobacco products and minimize regulation and public criticism.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
Stella Bialous, DrPH, MScN, RN
This lecture provides an overview of the key CSR activities tobacco companies engage in and the benefits they derive from such efforts.

Tobacco Farming
Marty Otanez, PhD
Discussed the health effects and environmental costs of tobacco farming and provides recommendations on reducing tobacco farmers' economic reliance on tobacco.

Tobacco Industry: Recent Developments
Joanna Cohen, PhD
Presents new findings regarding tobacco industry tactics and addresses the need for further research on the tobacco industry.

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