Smoking and Health


This module summarizes the extensive information on the risks to health posed by active and passive smoking. The motivating foundation for tobacco control has always been the need to end the epidemic of tobacco-caused disease. 

The module provides a general introduction, but with sufficient detail so that completion of its components will provide an understanding of cigarettes and cigarette smoke, the negative health effects of active and passive smoking and the benefits of cessation. 

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The Smoking and Health module covers seven topics:

The Tobacco Epidemic
Jonathan Samet, MD, MS
Provides an overview of the history of the tobacco epidemic, focusing on the rise of the modern, multinational tobacco companies.

Health Effects of Active Smoking
Jonathan Samet, MD, MS
Reviews the full range of evidence on the health effects of active smoking, covering studies from the 1930s to the latest evidence in the 2004 U.S. Surgeon General's Report.

Health Effects of Passive Smoking
Jonathan Samet, MD, MS
Reviews the evidence on the health effects of passive smoking and presents the latest findings from the 2006 U.S. Surgeon General's Report on the impacts of secondhand smoke on children and adults. 

Tobacco Addiction
Jack Henningfield, PhD
Reviews the addiction risk associated with cigarette use, the neurobiological effects of nicotine and withdrawal symptoms, as well as tobacco industry manipulation of nicotine content.

Tobacco Products
Mitch Zeller, JD
Provides an overview of the increasingly diverse market of tobacco products, including those which are smokeless.

Smoking and Health: An Update
Jonathan M. Samet, MD, MS
Provides information on the global prevalence of smoking and presents updated findings on the health effects of smoking from recent global tobacco survey data, meta-analyses, as well as the 2010 US Surgeon General’s Report.

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