New Zealand

Policy Summary: 

Following a 2018 New Zealand District Court decision on the Philip Morris v Ministry of Health case, e-cigarettes that are manufactured from tobacco are regulated under the Smoke-free Environments Act. As such, they cannot be sold to minors (under 18 years) and must comply with rules regarding point of sale health information/warnings and internet-sales health information/warnings. Sale of e-cigarettes with non-tobacco products is prohibited. There are restrictions on sale via vending machines. Packaging must comply with rules on packaging for tobacco products as applicable. Restrictions on advertising, promotion, and sponsorship apply.

The New Zealand Government has announced its intention to ensure that all products parts are covered (including all vaping liquid, whether or not it is manufactured from tobacco or contains nicotine, and vaping devices). By the end of 2019, vaping products will be regulated largely like tobacco products, including prohibitions on:

  • Sales to persons under 18 years of age
  • Vaping in legislated smokefree areas
  • Promotion, advertising, and sponsorship, including point-of-sale display of products in all retailer stores.

Limited exemptions to allow approved R18 vape shops to display samples, give advice and recommendations about vaping products to customers, and to allow customers to sample products before purchase.

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